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Benefits of Central AC

Everyone deserves a comfortable home. And, when it comes to home cooling, central AC systems are among the most popular cooling options on the market. Window units won’t provide whole-home cooling, and other cooling systems require wall-hung delivery units. With central AC you will have seamless, almost invisible cooling. If you are going through a […]

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How To Stop Your Toilet From Running

It can get annoying when you hear your toilet running non-stop. Not only will it constantly make noise, but it will slowly run water, wasting both the resource and increasing your monthly water bill. If you notice that your toilet won’t stop running, then try out these three techniques: Jiggle the Handle This may seem […]

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Keeping Your Dryer Vents Clean Can Save You Money

Did you know that a dirty or clogged dryer vent can cost you money? If your vent is full of lint, hair, and dust, there is not enough airflow for your dryer to operate properly. Often, you may need to run your dryer twice to dry a load fully. This means you are paying double […]

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Chemical Drain Cleaners—Good Or Bad?

People often use chemical drain cleaners to resolve their backed-up sinks and clogged showers, but these solutions are not the best for your plumbing or your health. Most chemical drain cleaners are not safe for your drain, and they can actually cause more harm than good. That’s why professional plumbers strictly advise against using them. […]

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Summertime Plumbing Tips

Let’s have a look at some of the best summertime plumbing tips that can help you avoid a breakdown this season. It is important to make sure your plumbing is prepared for the increase in traffic now that shelter-in-place is continuing and the kids are coming home. Follow these best practices and insider tips to […]

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Smart Thermostat Functions You Can’t Live Without

It can take some time to get accustomed to using a smart thermostat, but once you do, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without these amazing functions: Energy Reports Upgrading to a smart thermostat will pay off. And, it will tell you exactly how. Your smart thermostat is able to track your energy use and […]

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