Is It Time For A Water Line Replacement?

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Is It Time For A Water Line Replacement?

The plumbing in your home is essential in supporting your daily routines. And, the most important piece of plumbing in your home is your waterline. This supplies your home with clean water.

Unfortunately, just like all things, over time, your water line deteriorates and requires replacing. Should your water line break, your home could experience irreparable damages. However, with this knowledge, you will know the signs your water line is heading towards breaking down:

Signs Your Water Line Needs Replacing

Here are some signs that indicate it is time for a water line replacement.

1. Your water pressure is low.

When you experience a sudden drop in your water pressure, the first thing you should check is your water line. When your water line is leaky or clogged, the water pressure in your home significantly reduces.

2. You have discolored (brown or yellow) water.

Clean water is clear. When your faucets start producing brown or yellow water, then your water line is compromised. Your water line is likely corroded, and the rust is causing the discoloration in your water.

3. You have water patches in your yard.

Water lines are usually buried underground. So it is natural for water to seep into the ground when your water line develops a leak. A leak will eventually cause the soil to become saturated and water will begin to pool on the ground in a puddle.

4. Your water bills have skyrocketed.

A spike in your water bills could be a sign that your water line needs replacing. If the spike is unexplained, it means that your water line is probably leaking, especially if there are visible signs of leaks in your home.

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