Water Heater Tips For The Holidays

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Water Heater Tips For The Holidays

As the temperature drops and snow begins to make its presence known more and more, our thoughts naturally turn to the holiday season, and how quickly it seems to come around yet again. Homeowners who haven’t done so already would be wise to “winterize” the home soon before the real harsh winter weather settles in for a few months. Our main sources of heat in the home, the furnace, and the hot water heater should be looked at closely now that winter is here. Here, we’ll look at what measures to take to check on the safety and functionality of the water heater; what can be done to maximize efficiency while lowering operating costs for the unit.

Think Safety First

Make sure that there is nothing within a 5-ft. radius around the water heater. Store all flammable materials in a room separate from the water heater. The water heater produces carbon monoxide, so install a carbon monoxide detector with fresh new batteries in the same room as the water heater. And for that matter, install one in any room that generates any heat.

Maintain Good Maintenance

As minerals build up in the water heater tank, coating the heating elements and tank sides, an annual tank flush is a good idea to keep the inside of the water heater cleaner.

Insulate the Heater

If the heater is more than just a few years old, there’s a more than likely chance it is an uninsulated unit. To aid in heat loss prevention, wrap the tank and pipes attached to the unit with insulation blankets and insulation pieces and strips.

Save a Little Money

Turning down the temperature just a bit (maybe about 20 degrees or so) won’t really be felt too much, but the savings in heating bills will certainly add up as the winter goes on and on.

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