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Gas vs Electric Dryer: Which is Better?

Are you currently in the market for a new clothes dryer?

Like all big appliance purchases, you’re probably scouring the internet looking at all of the latest models and comparing pricing.

However, did you stop to think which type of dryer would be best for your home? If you’re trying to decide between a gas and electric dryer, we’ve got the scoop for you!

Gas vs Electric Dryer: The Pros

Pros of Gas Dryers

  • Lower Operational Costs – Depending on your local gas rates, gas dryers usually end up being more cost-effective to run than their electric counterparts. More often than not, natural gas is cheaper than electricity. (However, this will depend on where you live and who your provider is.)
  • Efficient Drying Time – Thanks to natural gas, gas dryers will heat up and dry your clothes a lot faster than electric dryers. This will make your monthly bills less expensive. Not to mention the positive effect it will have on your clothes with less drying time (more durable clothing).
  • Energy Efficient – Another great pro about gas dryers is that they are more energy efficient in comparison to electrical dryers. Gas dryers work by creating instant heat via a fuel source. This way, less energy is used whenever someone starts a load. On the other hand, electric dryers use coil, and this can typically take time to heat – which means that more energy is used.

Pros of Electric Dryers

  • Low-Cost Appliance – When you compare electric dryers and gas dryers (with equivalent features in mind), electric dryers tend to be less expensive.
  • No Lines or Vents – Electric dryers do not need gas lines or vents to the outside (ventless electric dryers). For those currently replacing electric dryers, you may want to stick with the electric model if you do not wish to pay higher upfront costs.
  • Different models – Another pro about electric dryers is that they come in different models; more models than electric dryers come in. Electric dryer models can range from entry-level models, perfect for studios or small apartments, all the way to more premium models that can help you dry your clothes a lot faster. There is also a wide variety of features that electric dryers can come with, depending on the dryer model.

Gas vs Electric Dryer: The Cons

Cons of Gas Dryers

  • Expensive Appliance – When you look at the average prices of gas dryers compared to electric dryers — gas dryers tend to be more expensive.
  • Upfront Costs – If you currently don’t have a gas dryer, then you will need to have gas lines and a vent installed in your home. (However, if you’re currently replacing a gas dryer, this is not a negative since all of the work has been done!)
  • Require vents – Another possible downside to gas dryers is that they require vents in order to operate. If you live in a small apartment with not a lot of space to install vents, then this could be a problem. If you do have enough space, however, then the gas dryer could be a good option for you.

Cons of Electric Dryers

  • Higher Operational Costs – Since electricity prices tend to be higher than natural gas prices, it can be more expensive to operate an electric dryer than it would be to operate a gas dryer.
  • Slower Drying Time – Electric dryers need to operate for longer in order to dry clothing, as compared to gas dryers. This can drastically increase your monthly electric bill (in addition to the already expensive electric prices). Not to mention — the longer your clothes are in the dryer, the more wear and tear they’ll see.
  • Need for an Outlet – Every laundry room has an outlet, but electric dryers need a 240v outlet in order for them to operate. Typical outlets are right around 120v, so you will need a more powerful receptacle installed in the laundry room.

We hope our comparison of gas and electric dryers can help you make the best decision for your home.

Throughout this process, if you need an electrician or plumber to install new outlets or lines, know that our pros here at Lancaster are always ready for the call!

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