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Easy Ways to Teach Your Children Good Water Usage Habits (School Year Edition)

With school back in session, it’s time for your children to get back into the habit of waking up early and getting ready for the day!

More than likely, this is something they dread doing and thus go through the motions each morning like a zombie.

Rather than letting your children go about their morning routine with one eye closed, take the time to show them how they can get ready while ALSO practicing good water usage habits.

1) Be Conscious When Brushing Your Teeth

First things first, make sure your kids aren’t skipping their morning brushing. But when you do walk by the bathroom and you hear the sink running while they brush, knock on the door and let them know they need to turn the faucet off while they brush.

Running the water for two minutes straight can waste over a gallon of water each time they brush. Only turn the faucet on when you spit and when you need to rinse off the toothbrush.

2) Watch What Goes Down the Drain

Being conscious of how much water goes down the drain is important — but making sure nothing else goes down the drain is also equally as important.

  • Keep hair from going down the shower drain by installing a drain screen (and removing hair when enough builds up).
  • Don’t flush anything down the toilet other than toilet paper and human waste — this means no flushing paper towels, feminine hygiene products, soap pieces, etc.
  • Avoid putting anything down the bathroom’s sink drain besides water and toothpaste excess.
  • For the adults, remember to throw out coffee grinds in the garbage. Do NOT dump your coffee grounds down the kitchen sink!

3) Monitor Hot Water Usage

Now that you have overall water usage on you and your children’s minds, it’s important to also focus on the usage of your hot water. If you or your children take long, hot showers each morning (or at night), bring this up and monitor showering times moving forward.

Not only is it wasteful of water, but you’ll end up spending more in your energy bills as well since this water has to be heated and stored (not to mention the fear of running out of hot water for a few hours).

Limiting shower times can help you save water and energy, but would you like to take it a step further with what you could save?

Look to install a tankless water heater in place of your old, traditional water heater tank. This will allow your home to heat water on demand (without wasteful storage) which will supply you with endless hot water at a fraction of the heating costs!

Good water usage habits are something you and your children should practice together!

When it’s time to install a tankless water heater or remove a clog from your drains, know that our professional plumbers are always on call! You dial the number — we’ll take care of the rest!

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