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Top HVAC Tips for Pet Owners

For most of us, pets are family and we cannot imagine our homes and lives without them. Whether you have a dog, cat, bird or bunny, fur and feathers can create a need for a more customized approach to your HVAC care.

Cute pets all in a row: bird, iguana, cat, dog, bunny, ferret

Your HVAC system consists of everything related to the heating and cooling of your home, including ventilation and air filtration. Once pet hair and dander enter that system, it typically travels some, then settles, becoming an obstruction for air flow. This also means that air coming into your home has already passed over these contaminants, bringing particulate matter with it.

As a result, the efficiency of your HVAC unit may be reduced, and your energy bill may go up. Likewise, having contaminants in the air your family breathes can cause health issues. In order to prevent these issues, thorough HVAC cleaning and maintenance is highly recommended.

HVAC Maintenance Tips

To help keep your HVAC free of pet dander and debris, follow these easy steps as part of a regular weekly cleaning schedule.

  • Check air filters and replace as needed (at least monthly)
  • Vacuum and dust your home (more often if you have carpeted rooms)
  • Vacuum and wipe down air vents and registers

Additionally, invest in HEPA filters for your HVAC unit to reduce air contaminants. Also consider reusable air filters that can be washed and strategically placed air purifiers throughout your home. To really go that extra mile, you may also consider having your HVAC air ducts cleaned at least once a year, especially if anyone in your household has health issues.

We also have HVAC services and products that can help keep your indoor air quality (IAQ) at a healthy level if that is a concern.

Pet-Proof Your HVAC Unit

There are a few things you can do that will protect both your pet and your HVAC unit. Here are some simple steps you can take to ensure a long-lasting, efficient HVAC system.

Groom Your Pets

Bathing and brushing your pets is a crucial part of their livelihood and good health. It’s also a great way to take some unnecessary stress off your HVAC system by preventing contamination. If they are kept clean and healthy, few skin and fur particles float through the air. By reducing this, you also improve your IAQ, so it’s a win-win situation.

Lady vacuums rug as white cat lays on sofa nearby. Prominent colors are gray and blue

Cover HVAC Wires

Keep feathered and furry friends safe by covering wires and cords that can be tempting to chew. There are several inexpensive ways to do this as DIY projects, as well as things you can buy online. Preventing chewing protects your pets from electrocution and keeps your system from shorting out.

Keep Outdoor Unit Clean

The outside unit must be kept clear of pet hair and weeds alike, so be sure to not plant flowers too close. By the same token, you don’t want the unit to become the local water cooler where pets congregate to gossip or urinate to mark territory. A small fence is a great idea to ensure you have two feet of clearance all the way around it for efficient airflow.

We hope these tips will help you live a more harmonious life with your pets and HVAC system. We know energy bills can break the bank so we are happy to share any money-saving or efficiency tips we have – especially if that means you have a few spare dollars for extra pet treats!

If you have any questions or would like more information about how to maximize the life of your HVAC unit, give us a call or reach out online.

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