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How to Prevent Tree Roots From Ruining Your Sewer Line

Tree Root Sewer Line

With spring finally underway, the growing season has arrived and will provide
us with beautiful plants and flowers. Unfortunately, the beauty of nature
can affect our homes in negative (and expensive) ways. Roots from trees
and shrubs will begin to grow again, many of which can infiltrate and
damage underground
sewer lines.

Plant Smart

Before you plant any new trees and shrubs on your property, know where
the sewer lines run on your property. By knowing exactly where they are,
you can sidestep planting trees and shrubs too close to them and avoid
the problem of root infiltration altogether. However, if your green thumb
is telling you to plant near a sewer line, pick a plant that has small
roots that won't extend far once it has matured.


Clogs can occur from time to time for a multitude of reasons. However,
if the drains in your home clog on a regular basis, there's a bigger
problem that needs to be addressed. When roots infiltrate a sewer line,
they can cause blockages that will lead to clogs and slow-flowing drains.
A telltale sign that a tree root is causing these clogs is to put your
ear to the drain and listen for a gurgling or bubbling sound.

Calling in the Pros

If all of the warning signs from above are present in your home, a plumber
will be needed to inspect the drains and sewer lines. Upon a professional
inspection, the plumber will be able to recommend the proper course of
action on how to remove the blockage. If it turns out to be a tree root
causing the blockage, an assessment will need to be done to see if the
sewer line will need full replacement.

Having a tree root pierce through a sewer line can give homeowners a headache
they surely don't need. When your drains are clogging all too frequently,
contact the plumbers at
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