5 Landscape Lighting Ideas to Try Out

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5 Landscape Lighting Ideas to Try Out

Are you looking for interesting and
glowing ways to add beauty to your home's property? Adding landscape lighting can
do just the trick as it will allow you to show off your landscape and
home no matter the time of day. Rather than just adding a few sets of
lights out front, try out some of these bright ideas:

Landscape Lighting[1]

  1. Guide The Eyes – Illuminating walkways will allow those who walk down them to easily see
    where they are going, while also appreciating the landscape around them.
    However, don't overdo it! Place lights with a fair amount of distance
    between them to draw your eyes down the path.
  2. Showcase Your Yard – By placing landscape lighting over certain plants, you'll be able
    to see more color and texture during the night time. Consider placing
    smaller lights angled toward shrubs to illuminate them as well.
  3. Moonlight Your Trees – You can give your trees the illusion of being hit with direct moonlight
    by placing lights below the tree and on some of the branches. Place a
    light fixture near the base of the tree and have it angled upward. Additionally,
    add hanging lights in the branches of your tree for further illumination
    – the higher, the better!
  4. Landscape to Hardscape – To compliment your landscape lighting, add hardscape lighting to the back
    patio. This requires you to add strands of LED lighting encased in silicone
    while being held up with adhesives and clips. This LED tape is perfect
    for stone patios that can mimic an "under cabinet lighting" look.
  5. Shadow Creation – Adding landscape lighting won't just add light to your property, it
    will also add unique shadows. Whether you add spotlights to your house,
    trees, plants, or statues, the light will cast an array of shadows that
    will add depth and texture across your home's exterior and landscape.

Landscape lighting is a bright way to add beauty and curb appeal to your
home, one light at a time! For those who are interested in landscape lighting,
contact Lancaster Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electrical. To learn
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