Why Your Window Air Conditioner is Noisy?

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Why Your Window Air Conditioner is Noisy

Do you currently have multiple window unit air conditioners in your home
that are making a ton of noise? Unfortunately, these window units can
become extremely noisy as they get older and are used more. The reason
they get so noisy is because – well, there are actually
a few reasons why…

Noisy Ac Window Unit

  • Unknown Debris – If one of your window units randomly starts making loud noises, check
    to see if something has fallen into the unit. Since a majority of the
    unit is hanging outside; leaves, animals, and other debris can easily
    enter it. To inspect the inner workings of a window unit, unplug it, open
    up the front grill, and peek in with a flashlight.
  • Damaged Fan Blades – When a piece of debris finds its way inside of the window unit, it can
    come into contact with the fan blades. Once a fan blade becomes bent it
    will continue to make noise until it has been straightened out. Use a
    pair of pliers to remedy this situation.
  • Lack of Lubrication – The fan motor of a window air conditioner can begin to emit a loud, continuous
    noise if it's not properly lubricated. You can open your window unit
    to lubricate the fan motor, just be aware that many of the motors are
    sealed within and are hard to reach.
  • Feel the Vibrations – Since window units are, well, sitting in the frame of a window, vibrations
    and noises can occur if it's not mounted properly. Since air conditioners
    are heavy with multiple moving parts, you will need to secure a window
    unit firmly within the window frame. You should also be aware of the size
    of the unit and how it compares to the size of the window frame.
  • Short Useful Life – Relying on small window units to cool an entire house means they will
    be on for extended periods of time to reach the desired temperature. This
    will add a lot of wear and tear to the units, thus reducing their useful
    life and efficiency. The harder a window unit has to work, the louder
    it will become.

Window air conditioners can become extremely noisy if anything goes wrong
with them. If you're sick of having an unevenly cool home, high energy
bills, and hearing constant (and loud) noises, contact Lancaster Plumbing,
Heating, Cooling & Electrical to learn about installing a
cooling system in your home. To learn more about cooling systems or to schedule an appointment,
give us a call at 717-207-8198.

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