3 Mistakes You're Making Every Time You Shower

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3 Mistakes You’re Making Every Time You Shower

Showering seems like a very simple concept: Turn the water on, wash up,
turn the water off. However, in the time it takes you to shower, you can
make some costly mistakes that will lead to a terribly clogged shower
drain over time. If you want to save yourself the headache of having to
have your drains cleared, make sure you're not committing these plumbing mistakes.

Shower Drain[1]

1. Allowing Soap Scum to Take Over

Soap scum is inevitably going to appear in your shower over time – it happens
to everybody! However, it's not okay to do nothing about the buildup
of scum, as it will attach itself to the walls of pipes and lead to other
debris getting caught up. To prevent blockages via soap scum, pour a few
buckets of extremely hot water down the drain along with some chlorine bleach.

2. Putting Up With Hard Water

Soap scum, limescale, and mineral deposits can build up in the shower if
a home has hard water. Failing to do anything about this hard water can
leave you with ugly, stained surfaces and troublesome deposits within
plumbing pipes. The best way to combat hard water is to consider installing
a water softener – your bathroom (and skin) will thank you!

3. Treating the Drain Like a Trash Bin

When something goes down the drain, it becomes out of sight and out of
mind. Unfortunately, things that find their way into the drain will be
out of sight until the plumber is forced to come to clear everything out.
Be careful that no debris (razor coverings, bobby pins, hair ties) fall
to the shower floor. Make sure you also install a mesh drain cover to
catch any possible debris and hair.

You might think showering is as easy as things can come, but you can easily
make mistakes that can wreck your plumbing. When you need blockages cleared
from your plumbing, contact Lancaster Plumbing, Heating, Cooling &
Electrical. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, give us a call
at 717-207-8198.

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