How to Prepare for the Best Summer EVER!

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How to Prepare for the Best Summer EVER!

Summer is here… FINALLY!

Let the carefree days of relaxation begin!

But wait… Before you start preparing your plans for each of your weekends, make sure your home is also prepared.

Giving your home some maintenance, as well as throwing in a few new additions, can help make this summer the BEST one yet!

summer temperatures are beginning to rise

1) Make Your Home an Oasis

Not everyone goes on a vacation each summer — and even if you do, it’s only for a week or so out of the next couple of months. This is why you should also focus on improving your home so you can feel like you’re on a vacation, even when you’re home!

The best way to do this is to upgrade your outdoor living space in the backyard. Sure, you can add an in-ground pool or outdoor kitchen. But the easiest way to turn your back patio into a backyard oasis is to add more lighting.

Illuminating your patio, garden, and walkways with accent lighting can help add to the beauty of your property. Add lights to the perimeter of your deck, hang string lights across the patio, guide your eye with lights along your walkways, and even throw in a tiki torch or two — why not, it’s summer!

2) Create a “Post-Beach” Station

Going to the beach is fun. Calling a plumber because you have sand in your drains is not. Yes, this can become a big problem if you’ve been experiencing frequent clogs or slow-moving drains.

The easiest way to avoid this problem is to wash your feet and body off before entering the house (you’ll save yourself from sweeping and vacuuming too).

Simply attach a hose to your outdoor faucet with a nozzle attachment that will disperse a comfortable flow of water (choose a water-efficient model).

If your outdoor faucet isn’t working or has sprung a leak since winter ended, contact your local plumber to have these issues repaired.

3) Stay Cool on Your Days In

Summer is about relaxation. But unfortunately, not every day is going to be filled with traveling, fun, and excitement — we do have to work after all…

In order for you to stay relaxed this summer, your air conditioning should be working flawlessly. For you to ensure this happens, make sure you have your AC unit serviced — even if nothing is wrong. An annual service is needed by every unit, no matter how new or in good condition it is.

Failing to service your AC unit could result in it breaking down during the next heatwave. OR you could wind up with a functional AC unit that is working inefficiently to the point of doubling your monthly energy bill.

In either scenario, you will NOT be relaxed as you should be.

As you prepare for summer, make sure your home is equipped to handle it as well.

Whether you need a plumber, electrician, or HVAC technician to provide you with maintenance, repair, or new installation — our pros at Lancaster PHCE have got your back! We’re only a small call away!

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