Why Are My Clothes Ruined After I Wash Them?

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Why Are My Clothes Ruined After I Wash Them?

Have you ever done a load of laundry only to find out that your clothes are either covered in hair (thanks a lot puppy), covered in wrinkles, or smell like they were never even washed?

If so, then congratulations!

You’re washing your clothes wrong…

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Why Is There Hair and Lint All Over My Clothes?

When you wash your clothes you expect them to be clean. If you’re taking your clothes out of the washer and they’re covered in lint and excess hair, there’s one of a few things happening.

  • The wash needs an additional rinse cycle to remove an abnormal amount of hair.
  • You’re using too much detergent, which is causing all of the hair and lint to redeposit back onto the clothes.
  • Cut down on the size of the load you placed in the washing machine. Too large of a load will limit the amount of space that the clothes can move around during the cleaning process.
  • Run an empty wash cycle with white vinegar after washing heavily soiled items and other things like dog bedding.

Why Are My Clothes Extremely Wrinkled?

How many times do you take your clothes out of the washer and they’re twisted and tangled like a pretzel? This can be frustrating because you can still wind up with wrinkled clothing even after it comes out of the dryer.

  • Tangled clothing means there’s not enough room in the washer. Reevaluate your typical load size and lessen it until this tangling stops.
  • Once the load has been lightened, choose a wash cycle that is a more gentle setting.

Why Do My Clothes Still Smell After I Wash Them?

The point of washing your clothes is to relieve them of any odors, stains, and bacteria/germs. If you do a load of laundry and your clothes still smell, something needs to change.

  • Washing machines need to be cleaned regularly to remove any lingering odors, mildew, and bacteria that may live in the washer from all of the previous loads of dirty laundry. Run an empty wash cycle on the hottest setting with the addition of a cup of white vinegar.
  • The washing machine is overfilled with clothes. Therefore, clothes aren’t being fully submerged in detergent-filled water.
  • Cut back on the amount of detergent you’re using per load. Instead, add an appropriate amount of detergent along with a cup of baking soda to help remove any lingering odors.

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