3 Important (and Smart) Upgrades Your Home Needs This Fall

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3 Important (and Smart) Upgrades Your Home Needs This Fall

Fall is finally here and you know what that means, right!?

It’s time to prepare your home for the impending cold weather — and also because you’re going to be spending a lot more time in your home due to that annoyingly cold weather!

Naturally, you’re going to need to have your HVAC system serviced and your gutters cleared to prepare your home for winter. However, there are a few Smart upgrades you may want to consider adding to not just prepare your home, but upgrade it to a whole new level!

1) Smart Thermostat

When the cool weather begins to take over the state of Pennsylvania, you’re going to be running toward the thermostat. For those with traditional thermostats, you can set the temperature… and that’s pretty much it.

On the other hand, when you install a Smart thermostat (like a Nest Pro), you will have FULL control of your heating system! Smart thermostats allow you to:

  • Control the temperature from your mobile device.
  • Use zone heating to warm up different areas of the house to different temperatures, which will cut down on your monthly heating costs.
  • Set a schedule for your heating system to switch to a lower or higher temperature.
  • And many more amazing features!

2) Connected Home System

Did you know you can have your home’s lighting, security system, and HVAC system all conveniently controlled by one app on your mobile device or tablet?

From the comfort of your bed, you’ll be able to lock the front and back doors, set the alarm, turn off all of the lights, and lower the temperature of your thermostat all before you go to bed.

A connected home system will allow you to have FULL control of your entire home without ever having to get up. The days of dreaming about Smart Homes are over — the day has come and it is now!

3) Tankless Water Heater

Have you ever noticed that when the temperature begins to drop, your shower temperature increases — along with your showering time? (Nothing feels better than a hot shower on a cold day!)

When multiple people in your home are using hot water due to the washing machine, dishwasher, multiple showers, etc. — your home will run out of hot water because your water heater tank can only hold so much.

However, when you switch to a tankless water heater, you will have access to unlimited hot water. How is this possible? Tankless water heaters heat water as it flows through the fixture, providing you with hot water on-demand!

Oh, and tankless water heaters help you save on energy costs since they don’t need to heat and store gallons upon gallons of water…

With fall underway, you don’t just want to service your home — you also want to upgrade it!

Whether you’re looking to install Smart upgrades to your home, or you just need a simple HVAC tune-up, know that Lancaster PHCE is ready when you are!

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