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Why is My Washing Machine Leaking?

From your work clothes to the kids’ bed sheets, your washing machine sees a lot of action every week. But what happens when you walk into your laundry room one day and see water pooling on the floor in front of your unit? Before you start to panic, take a minute to consider if one of these points might be the reason why your washing machine is leaking.

The Machine Isn’t Balanced

This can sometimes be an issue if your washing machine sits on a basement or garage floor. If the unit doesn’t sit level, it can cause water to spill out of the appliance and onto your floor. Make sure your machine stands on a balanced floor. If the floor happens to be uneven, you can use a piece of wood or cardboard to help create a level base.

There’s a Loose Hose Connection

If you see water coming from the back of your machine, take a look at your hose connections. If one of them is loose, it can allow water to leak out while the unit runs. If you notice this happening, tighten the connections or have them replaced entirely if they seem damaged.

The Door Seal is Worn

Just like cool air will be able to seep out of your home if the seals around your windows and doors is loose or damaged, the same concept applies to your washing machine. If the door seal on your front-load washer is worn, torn, or cracked, it can allow water to leak out of the unit. If you notice the seal looks like it has seen better days, you should have it replaced to avoid any leaking water.

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