Tips for Going Green in the Kitchen

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Tips for Going Green in the Kitchen

Nowadays, there isn’t a single place in your home where you can’t find some way or another to go green. When it comes to your kitchen — easily one of the most popular rooms in your home — there are plenty of changes you can make to do your part in being a better friend to the environment.

Swap Plastic for Glass

Are you constantly storing leftovers or prepped meals in plastic containers and disposable plastic bags? Switch those out for glass containers and reusable silicone bags. These are much better for the environment and are often safer since they don’t run the risk of transferring harmful chemicals into your food like plastic can. You’ll also save some money from consistently buying single-use plastic bags!

Switch to Low-Flow Fixtures

Whether you’re washing dishes every night or just doing a load a couple of times a week, you’re likely using a lot of water to get your plates clean. By swapping out your current sink faucet for a low-flow model, you can limit the amount of water you’re using each time you start to tidy up.

Invest in Small Cooking Appliances

Firing up your oven just to cook a dish for twenty minutes wastes a lot more energy than you may think. Invest in a toaster oven, slow-cooker, or countertop convection oven that uses much less energy to cook your foods. Not only will you be helping the environment, but you’ll also lower your utility bill.

Buy Groceries with Less Packaging

The more grocery items you buy that come wrapped in netting, plastic, and cardboard, the more waste you’re creating. When you’re shopping, choose items that use less packaging — whole fruit instead of pre-cut fruit wrapped in plastic, large juice bottles rather than individual boxes, etc.

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