Chemical Drain Cleaners—Good Or Bad?

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Chemical Drain Cleaners—Good Or Bad?

People often use chemical drain cleaners to resolve their backed-up sinks and clogged showers, but these solutions are not the best for your plumbing or your health. Most chemical drain cleaners are not safe for your drain, and they can actually cause more harm than good. That’s why professional plumbers strictly advise against using them.

Chemical drain cleaners are caustic and oxidizing. If you have old pipes, they can cause your plumbing system to degrade. If you have plastic pipes, they can cause melting and warping as these solutions naturally create heat due to their chemical nature. Not only do these concoctions damage your plumbing, but they also harm the environment.

With that said, there are alternative drain cleaning methods you can perform or complete that won’t compromise your plumbing or your health. Let’s have a look at the possibilities.

Chemical Drain Cleaner Alternatives

DIY Drain Cleaners

Homemade drain cleaners can be created with vinegar and baking soda. These will eat through your clog; however, it typically will not remove the entire blockage. Consecutive use of this solution will be required to maintain adequate drainage, as your pipes will accumulate clog residue that inherently causes subsequent blockages. This solution won’t harm your plumbing and it is easy to make!

Contact A Professional Plumber

The best way to ensure your clog is truly gone and that your plumbing remains intact is by contacting a professional plumber to complete your clog removal. Nothing can outperform a trained, skilled plumber when it comes to maintaining your plumbing.

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