Summertime Plumbing Tips

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Summertime Plumbing Tips

Let’s have a look at some of the best summertime plumbing tips that can help you avoid a breakdown this season. It is important to make sure your plumbing is prepared for the increase in traffic now that shelter-in-place is continuing and the kids are coming home. Follow these best practices and insider tips to keep your plumbing in working order throughout the summer:

Tip #1: Place Food Coloring In Your Toilet Bowl

To check for leaks in your toilet bowl, place a few drops of food coloring into the bowl. Once you have added enough pigment, flush! If you see color beginning to drip or flow from your plumbing connections or from your bowl, you have cracked sealing or a pipe that needs repair.

Tip #2: Check Your Water Heater

At least once per year, you want to have your water heater professionally cleaned and drained to reduce system wear and tear. This will keep your water heater running efficiently! If you see signs of leakage or rust, contact your local plumber for repairs!

Tip #3: Locate Your Main Water Valve

Understanding how to turn your water off is essential. You can typically find your shut-off valve in your basement, garage, or utility closet. Why is locating your main water valve important? In the case of a water appliance-related emergency, you will be able to reduce water damage by cutting off your home water supply.

Tip #4: Inspect Your Sprinkler System

Before using your landscape sprinklers this summer, check each sprinkler head for signs of damage or corrosion. If you discover any sprinklers that require attention, replace the sprinkler head before running your system. This will prevent potential geysers. Additionally, your sprinkler system should be cleaned before use to increase efficiency. This will allow water to flow freely, decreasing your cost for operation.

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