What Can Go Wrong With Your Electrical Panel?

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What Can Go Wrong With Your Electrical Panel?

Electrical panel issues are hard to detect. Luckily, if your electrical panel was installed properly, it should last between 20 and 30 years without any major breakdowns or malfunctions. However, if your panel does become faulty, you need to know the signs. You don’t want to leave your home susceptible to a potential fire hazard.

Below are the common electrical panel issues to look out for:

Underpowered Electrical Panels

Your electrical panel should neither be underpowered nor overcrowded, to keep your home safe. A standard panel manages about 100 amps, but the average home requires more than that. If your home needs more circuits, you need to upgrade to a 200 amp panel.


This is something you can check without the need for a professional. Corrosion results from moisture or high humidity in your home. If you note that rust is affecting your electrical system, consult a professional who will assess the damage.

Double Taps

This is when multiple wires connect to a single plug and it occurs when there are no more slots in the panel to add circuits. Without a slot, you “tap” into an existing circuit. While this doesn’t cause major electrical concerns, it goes against standard electrical installation guidelines.


Overfusing occurs when the power carrying wire is too small for the fuse or breaker it is connected to. In such a case, the circuit breaker fails to trip when overloaded. This might cause an electrical fire. Contact a professional electrician ASAP.

Faulty or Missing Handle Ties

Handle ties connect breaker switches on a two-pole breaker. In the case the handle ties are missing or faulty, they need urgent replacement to avoid a fire hazard.

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