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Is My Home Losing Heat?

Do your home heating bills skyrocket every winter? If you are experiencing inadequate or insufficient heating in your home, there are many possible reasons for this malfunction. From breaches in insulation to air leaks around windows and doors, these issues lead to heat loss. The following are some of the common culprits of poor heat retention:

– Old or drafty windows

– Improperly installed exterior doors

– Chimneys

– Roofs in need of repairs

– A faulty or outdated HVAC system

How To Troubleshoot Your Heating Problem

Check that all of your windows, terrace doors, and outside doors are tightly closed. Now make sure your thermostat is set to the proper function. Sometimes, if you have a programmable thermostat, your current input can become overridden by your pre-set schedule.

Once you ensure all of your windows and doors are shut and your heating cycle has begun, walk throughout your home. If you feel cold air, there is a good chance that you are experiencing inefficient heating from a lack of insulation. First, check your windows and door frames for cracks. Caulking can fill those open areas and restore a tight seal to your home. If your windows and doors look secure, and you are still shivering indoors, it is time to have your insulation inspected. Outdated insulation will no longer provide climate retention properties, and you’ll need to replace it.

When is it Time to Call an HVAC Contractor?

Now that you have taken the steps to ensure your home is secure, you are on your way to a warmer house this winter! However, if your space is still not warming up, it is time to hire an HVAC contractor in your neighborhood.

The lack of sufficient heat in your home can be caused by one or more issues within the heating unit itself. An HVAC repair does not have to be costly if you catch it early, and you might even save hundreds of dollars on your energy bill as a result!

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