What’s Included in a Heating System Check? - 4 Heating Maintenance Steps

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What’s Included in a Heating System Check?

With summer winding down and chillier months approaching us, it’s important to start thinking about heating system maintenance. Since it most likely hasn’t been in use for many months, we strongly recommend getting your system checked out and repaired by a professional before turning it on for the season. Wondering what a heating system check entails? Here are some common steps.

Changing Air Filter

Having a clean air filter is one of the most basic yet important factors in your heating system. Any air that circulates throughout the system and into your home passes through the filter first. Therefore, if the filter is dirty, the air that enters your home will be dirty. An HVAC technician will be able to assess if your filter needs to be changed or not, and if it does, they’ll be able to replace it for you.

Checking Heat Exchanger

The system’s heat exchanger is what transfers the heat and makes the air that’s blown out into your home warm. It essentially transfers the thermal energy from one form to another so that the air’s final form is a hot temperature. Heat exchangers can sometimes get corrosion or cracks, and if it’s damaged, carbon monoxide can leak out into your home. A technician will be able to inspect for cracks and make any necessary repairs or replacements.

Calibrating Thermostat

Having your thermostat calibrated correctly and at the right settings is vital for it to work properly. It should be communicating directly with your heating system, and if something about it is off, you won’t be able to correctly control your system and set your home to the temperature you want. If you put your thermostat at a certain temperature but your home feels far off from it, it’s a sign it might need to be recalibrated.

Having your thermostat fixed can also save you big bucks on your energy bill, as an overheated home will cost you extra money.

Practice Run the System

After checking all the specific parts of the system, we’ll start it up to ensure proper amperage draw of motors and to ensure your heating system works safely and per manufacturer specifications. Also, By running the heater during a heating system check, it’s possible to find some issues with the heat flow or parts of the system.

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